Wall Decor For Home Improvements

The walls of the house or office can be made as attractive and as inviting as one wants. Once the interior of the house is painted, it is ready to be decorated.

Wall décor for the kid’s rooms could include a collage of clippings, favorite drawings, inspiring prints, and even laminated merit certificates. Artistically designed messages in wall plaques can drive home meaningfully certain principles of life and how to react. Religious texts and messages to be read in the morning and at night can be framed and hung on the wall. These can even be in the form of stories. In India, certain excerpts from the are pertinent to real-life always find a place either in the form of pictures with the text beneath or certain stand-alone Sanskrit slokas from the Gita. Wall décor systems that attract magnets are becoming very popular. Called Magnetic creations, it contains iron particles, which grips the magnets. There are certain magnetic kits like the outer space wall kit and the undersea wall kit which help a child to explore space and sea life. That is just not the end. Kids can learn to count, add and subtract, learn their spellings, work on math skills, and also on their vocabulary by using the learning wall décor. Since it comes along with instructions, it is indeed very handy.

Wall decor plaques can be floral, contemporary, or vintage. You can have orchards, or gardens, rustic prints, or portraits of painters. Group the art properly at eye level, so that the focal point is reinforced. Mirrors tend to embellish and decorate the walls inexpensively. Beautifully framed mirrors of different shapes can lend depth to small rooms and brighten up the place. Wall sconces or candelabras placed on either side of the mirror add to the effect.

Wall Decor Types:

  1. Mirrored Large Op art
  2. Graphite Op Wall Art
  3. Sunburst Mirror – Small
  4. Grande Mobileo – Antique Brass
  5. Grande Mobileo – White
  6. Wall Candy Arts RoCoco2 Chalkboard Decal
  7. Wall Candy Arts Candy Factory Decal
  8. Wall Candy Arts Season Decal
  9. Wall Candy Arts Rock It Decal
  10. Wall Candy Arts DottiLicious Decal

Pot shelves find a place in recessed wall areas and often show off antiques, or family memorabilia. In India, Rajasthan and Guajarati handiwork in the form of wall hangings adorn the living rooms. Pieces of art that have been created using wire or plastic are personal reminiscences that often find a place.

Wall Decor Cabinets and Shelves serve the dual purpose of storage and display. Made from wood, bronze, or metal, they can be very attractive when combined with a vintage or traditional accent. Clocks are all-time favorites, which can adorn any wall, and combined with an appropriate theme, they look superb. The final touch can be a wallpaper with a border or wallpaper with a theme.